SMEUnited welcomes Consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 14 September 2021

SMEUnited, an association of crafts and SMEs across Europe, has released a position paper, outlining their comments on the European Commission’s consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass. 

The Commission had launched a consultation in June 2021 for the 2030 Digital Compass vision, inviting stakeholders to help shape the policy’s programme and share their ideas on how the programme’s vision could be implemented. 

In response to the consultation, SMEUnited welcomed the opportunity to share their views and in their paper, supported the policy’s digital targets and proposed system to monitor the progress towards these goals. 

They also agree with the following actions needed to accelerate EU’s digital transformation, which are outlined as: 

  • Development of the digital transformation of businesses 

  • Digitalisation of public services 

  • A digitally skilled population and highly digitally skilled professionals 

  • Secure, performant and sustainable digital infrastructure 

However, the association explained that a stronger emphasis on the digital transformation of SMEs would be required for Europe to have a successful transition. The paper highlights key challenges for SMEs, including a lack of time and resources, as well as a limited focus on SMEs’ characteristics and specificities.  

Therefore, SMEUnited’s position paper highlights a need for the Commission to facilitate and create suitable conditions for SMEs to contribute to the 2030 targets and take part in the digital transformation. This includes fostering digital skills and creating experimentation opportunities, such as reskilling and upskilling, for SMEs. 

In addition, the paper offers further suggestions for the Commission to work towards the 2030 Digital Compass targets. SMEUnited suggests an assessment into the general state of compliance with digital policies, as well as the inclusion of specific indicators and continual monitoring to measure the impacts of digital evolution on business operators, operating in urban and rural areas. 

Read SMEUnited’s full position paper here

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