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Industry 4.0 is revolutionising and revitalising all industrial activities. Companies are facing new challenges, but also seizing +opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.

Awareness of the importance and diffusion of digital revolution plays a key role in knowledge of big data and digital innovation dynamics. It is essential for understanding the impact on the global economy and production, as well as on the traceability and computability of individuals’ and organisations’ behaviours.

Through numerous events such as virtual missions, webinars, world investment conferences, and a brokerage event, the ‘Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2021’ (SMM 2021) international matchmaking event offers a unique opportunity to meet companies, research centres, and public administration actors working in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

It is also an important opportunity to ensure you remain up to date on the latest advanced technologies, the demand for innovation from institutions and cities, new applications from SMEs, and the technical challenges being faced by large companies.

All SMM 2021 events will be held online and focus on the technologies of Industry 4.0, including:

  • Advanced manufacturing solutions;
  • Automatic material handling systems;
  • Additive manufacturing;
  • Agriculture 4.0;
  • AI and machine learning for industrial applications;
  • Applications for social media data management;
  • Applications of virtual/augmented/mixed reality in industry;
  • Autonomous production;
  • Autonomous robots;
  • Big data analytics;
  • Cyber-physical systems;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Cloud technologies;
  • Digital twin technology;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Human-machine interfaces;
  • Horizontal and vertical integration;
  • Industrial Internet of Things;
  • Open data and public innovation;
  • Predictive maintenance;
  • Simulation between interconnected machines;
  • System integration.


This year SMM will take place over nine days across four different periods of the year, with the Brokerage Event SMM2021 held in two sessions. The first session is on 13–14 May.

Register here by 11 May.

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