SILEO Talent placement projects - beneficiary SMEs: BAU SERVICE!

Submitted by Fabiola Simeoni on 21 May 2024

SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects

Congratulations to BAU SERVICE, an furniture SME that has been awarded under the SILEO Open Call for Talent Placement Projects!

Bau-Service Grzegorz Terpinski has been providing comprehensive carpentry services for 25 years. Thanks to cooperation with specialists from related industries such as upholstery, steel, glass, etc. BAU company is able to implement even very complex projects.

  • Own production allowing you to adapt the furniture to individual needs and dimensions
  • Knowledge of available furniture systems and non-standard possibilities of their application
  • Cooperation with architects and interior designers
  • Solutions for residential, office and commercial spaces

BAU operate throughout Poland, offering custom-made furniture with assembly.

👉To know more, visit their website!

SILEO Talent Placement Project

The SILEO Talent Placement Project offers a chance to bring new talent into the marketing department, enhancing the company’s visibility through innovative digital marketing strategies. With a focus on prioritizing AI technology, BAU SERVICE will provide hands-on experience to the Talent, allowing him to contribute creatively to marketing efforts within the furniture industry and to integrate AI tools into strategies aimed at reaching a broad audience. By leveraging his expertise and knowledge, BAU SERVICE aims to gather valuable insights on audience preferences, behavior patterns, and market trends in order to refine marketing and commercial strategies and improve the effectiveness of campaigns to reach a wider audience.

BAU SERVICE will receive indirect funding (€ 4.000) from the European Union’s Single Market Programme through the SILEO project (GA N.101074564).

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