On January 15, 2022, the Taiwan Bay Economic Cooperation Agreement (ECA) came into effect! According to the content of the agreement, including cattle, pigs, chicken, lobster, fruit juice, etc., part of the sucrose part of Taiwan will give the country 35,000 metric tons of sucrose tariff-free quota; the country will give Taiwan 33 products such as flat-rolled steel products, scissors, brakes and vehicle parts, etc. Preferential tariffs!

In order to help Taiwanese importers and investors to understand the industrial environment, investment opportunities and the trade preferences brought by Taiwanese ECA to the two countries, the Association has cooperated with the Central American Economic and Trade Office, the Belize Embassy in Taiwan and the Central and South American Economic and Trade Office. The association will jointly hold the "Taiwan-Beris Economic Cooperation Agreement Investment and Economic and Trade Opportunities New Century Briefing Session", inviting economic and trade representatives from Taiwan and Belize to share:

◆ Economic and trade information, industry status and investment advantages of Beiguo (focusing on tourism, agriculture and agro-processing industry and renewable energy industry) ◆ Taibei ECA Reciprocal Advantage ◆ my country encourages business operators to invest in countries with diplomatic ties, application procedures and review standards ◆ Sharing of Taiwanese shellfish trade experience

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