Last update date 12 November 2021

Description of measure

The 2021 Green Convergence Cluster Act provides a legal foundation for a series of cluster-related activities under the measure 'Designation, creation and operation of green convergence clusters' (Section 2 of the Act). The supported activities under the measure include the establishment and promotion of:
1) cluster facilities
2) a basic plan for green convergence clusters, which is renewed every 5 years
3) a green convergence cluster formation plan (or simply 'creation plan') to facilitate the designation and development of specific clusters
4) cluster establishment plans by the Korean Minister of the Environment or the Mayor/Governor
The measure aims to facilitate action among public authorities, industry, and academia. The measure also gives instructions on the contents of the plans and cases in which plans are changed and encourages fact-finding surveys to investigate the status of integration, convergence, and support of green industries, etc. by region.

South Korea
Territorial validity
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