Scam Alert: Please be aware of phishing email "ECA --> Delegates Logistics Support Request"

Submitted by Nina Hoppmann on 23 August 2023

Image_scam alert

The European Clusters Alliance has received notification about circulating phishing emails that use the name of ECA´s president Antonio Novo Guerrero as the sender - even though the used email address is a gmail account - and ask for a money transfer in the name of ECA.

Please be cautious and aware that this is a scam, and that that European Clusters Alliance would never ask for these types of actions.

For the purpose of awareness raising, the European Clusters Alliance has published the wording of this series of phishing emails on their website.

Please follow this link to check the wording in case you think you might have received such emails: Phishing emails “ECA –> Delegates Logistics Support Request”

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