Safe seminar 1200


SAFE and its partners are pleased to announce the 4th edition of the SAFE SEMINAR, Counter-UAV and critical infrastructures protection.

As specially selected partner in the South of France CenSec has access to all of the French ecosystem concerning Counter UAV and protection of critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, electrical installations and military installations, as well as large public events and areas with many people gathered (e.g. the olympics).

Sign up to learn more about the topic and extend your international network. It is also possible to exhibit capacities and equipment or do live demonstrations of counter drone UAV on location.

This event focuses on critical sites protection for civilian and urban markets and will highlight Counter-UAV technologies. This edition will feature:

1. Panels
2. Conferences
3. Live Demo
4. Evening Gala

For any questions regarding the event, please contact Klaus Bolving [email protected] / +45 52 13 15 40

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