Revision of the ECA's position paper for the updated Industrial Strategy

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 26 April 2021

In a meeting on 18 February, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus held an open dialogue on proposed points for a position paper from the European Clusters Alliance (ECA) on the update of the European Industrial Strategy.


This position paper was submitted to the Industrial Forum, a high-level expert group with representatives of Member States and stakeholders from industry, academia, civil society, trade unions and other organisations. The Industrial Forum provides the European Commission with advice on the implementation of industrial policies, and supports the Commission in its systematic analysis of the different industrial ecosystems. The European Clusters Alliance is a member of this forum.

The Industrial Strategy, published in March 2020, proposed a set of actions to address the fundamental enabling conditions for the twin industrial transformations, including achieving a deeper and more digital single market, improving competitiveness in the global market, supporting industries towards climate neutrality, building a more circular economy, promoting industrial innovation, skilling and reskilling, and investing and financing the transition.

The European Alliance Against Coronavirus exchanged views on the role of clusters in this strategy based on previous sessions that addressed individual questions related to updating the strategy.

Morning sessions are open to everyone.

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You can watch the recording below.

European Alliance Against Coronavirus webinar screenshot 18 February
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