DEADLINE: 14 March 2022

ReStartSMEs is opening a call for Expression of interest for Cluster Associate Partners to extend the impact of its activities to European Countries beyond the one already covered by consortium partners. Clusters (or other legal entities) representing traditional manufacturing SMEs, especially from industrial transition regions are eligible and welcome to apply.

About ReStartSMEs 

The ReStartSMEs project aims to support traditional manufacturing SMEs to adapt to value-chains and demand changed by the Covid-19 crisis, accompanying them in the adoption of new technologies towards the realization of Industry 5.0. This latter is a more resilient and sustainable approach to industry 4.0 which also combines technologies for energy efficiency and resilience to external shocks. 

To reach its goals, the project operates on five main lines of actions: 

  • Enabling the transnational exchange and mutual learning between traditional manufacturing SMEs: Through the creation of Strategic Alliances – where traditional SMEs can exchange with peer with same needs in terms of technology adoption and learn from tech-savvy SMEs.
  • Upskilling and reskilling SMEs’ workforce to adapt to new value chains and a changed competitive environment: Through a training programme focused on technology convergence in Industry 5.0 and dedicated technical and business support 
  • Understanding the needs of single SMEs and defining an individual pathway for technology transformation: By assessing the maturity of adoption of Industry 5.0 concepts and technology of each traditional SMEs and defining an individual technology adoption roadmap 
  • Creating opportunity for exchange between Strategic Alliances of traditional SMEs and tech-savvy SMEs: Through the organisation of specific events such as Hackathon and virtual Matchmaking 
  • Raising awareness and building a sustainable community of all key actors involved in the process: By connecting all the actors involved in events such as Peer Review meeting and final conference and in the ReStartSMEs 

ReStartSMEs is a project funded by the European Commission and implemented by a consortium of five European Clusters (bwconTorino Wireless, Mobinov, ClusteroLinpra), two technology providers (Eurecat and Imec) and a Community of European tech Innovators (FundingBox Accelerator). 

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