RENATECH network
RENATECH network

France: Île-de-France


Renatech is the French network of high-end facilities in the field of micro & nanotechnology coordinated by CNRS. Its objective is to allow the research and industry to benefit from competitive and world-class infrastructure for carrying out research and R&D projects. That requires top level equipment in micro and nanotechnologies.

Renatech is your partner for technological technological developments with its large technological facilities (7300m²) distributed over 5 sites  in France and multiple experts.

With our network, you will get access to a profitable innovation ecosystem with global service and support for your developments.

5 sites in France:

C2N - Paris (Marcoussis/Orsay)
FEMTO-ST - Besançon
IEMN - Lille
LAAS - Toulouse
LTM - Grenoble

To meet the needs of the diverse nanoscale community, the multi-site Renatech network provides the necessary expertise and state-of-the art equipment for a broad spectrum of technologies from transversal up to very specific one.

. Technological service: OPEN-ACCESS fabrication service of micro and nanosystems for research and all industries.

R&D project collaboration with leading-edge tools and instrumentation

Client oriented advices: identification of the relevant technological solutions

On-site training capabilities: training the customers' staff for autonomous of high-end instruments

Services on demand:

Technological state of the art
Partnerships identification
Identification of funding opportunities

. Yes. service.

Aeronautics & space - Automotive - Energy - Environment - Electronics - Measurement - Healthcare
Process industry (processing of novel materials, structures, etc.) - Electronic and optical functional materials - Surface engineering and coatings - Polymers, bioplastics - Quantum technology - Optoelectronics (optical networks, optical sensors) - Outsides system connectivity (communication, data transfer, wifi) - Power electronics - Printed/flexible electronics - Memory and storage - Equipment technology - Analogue and mixed signal devices (µ-wave, RF, THz) - Computing (low power computing, high performance computing, new computing (non von Neumann, beyond CMOS, beyond Moore)) - Heterogeneous components & more than Moore (MEMS, NEMS, sensors, transducers) - Heterogeneous integration/embedded systems - Nanostructured coatings - Nanoparticles Nanowires and tubes - 2D materials - Photodetectors (solar cells, photo-diodes, photo-transistors) - Lighting (LED, OLED) - Optical communication and networks - Optical components & systems