France: Occitania


Renatech is the french network of high-end facilities in the field of micro & nanotechnology coordinated by CNRS. its objective is to allow research and industry to benefit from competitive and world-class infrastructure for carrying out research and R&D projects. that requires top level equipment in micro and nanotechnologies.

Renatech is your partner for technolgical developments with its large technologies facilities (7300 m²) distributed over 5 sites in France and multiple experts.

With our network, you'll get access to a profitable innovatin ecosystem with global service and support for your developments.

5 sites in France :

C2N- Paris (Marcoussis/Orsay)
FEMTO-ST - Besançon
IEMN - Lille
LAAS - Toulouse
LTM - Grenoble

To meet the needs of the divers nanoscale community, the multi-site Renatech network provides the necessary expertise and state of the art equipment for a broad spectrum of technologies from transversal up to very specific one.… LAAS micro and nanotechnolgies platform adresses many technical issues

Ebeam lithography
Laser lithography
Ink jetting
Packaging and assembly
Physical Vapor Deposition
Plasma etching
Molecular beam epitaxy
Thermal treatment (annealing, RTP)
Surface preparation and treatment

. Technological service : OPEN ACCESS fabrication service for micro and nano systems research and all industries.

R&D project collaboration with leading edge tools and instrumentation
client oriented advices : identification of the relevant technological solutions
on site training capabilities : trainig the customers's staff for autonomous of high-end instruments

Services on demand :

technological state of the art
partnerships identification
identification of funding opportunities

. Yes. service.

Aeronautics & space - Automotive - Energy - Environment - Electronics - Measurement - Healthcare
Process industry (processing of novel materials, structures, etc.) - Additive manufacturing - Intelligent/ sensor-based equipment - Electronic and optical functional materials - Materials for energy storage and generation - Surface engineering and coatings - Quantum technology - Optoelectronics (optical networks, optical sensors) - Power electronics - Printed/flexible electronics - Equipment technology - Analogue and mixed signal devices (µ-wave, RF, THz) - Computing (low power computing, high performance computing, new computing (non von Neumann, beyond CMOS, beyond Moore)) - Heterogeneous components & more than Moore (MEMS, NEMS, sensors, transducers) - Heterogeneous integration/embedded systems - Nanostructured coatings - Nanoparticles Nanowires and tubes - 2D materials - Photodetectors (solar cells, photo-diodes, photo-transistors) - Lighting (LED, OLED) - Optical components & systems