Are you active in or for the water sector? Are you involved in a water related challenge within your sector? Are you willing to expand your network with strategic partners? Or are you looking for funding for your project/development of your innovation? Join us for the next edition of The WINNing days built for the actors who want to be one step ahead in their innovation strategy. 

What will the WINNing days bring you?

  • A short webinar to share strategic information on EU funding opportunities and learn from WINNing stories 
  • A pitch session for you to meet your future partners
  • Plenty of collaboration opportunities through unlimited B2B sessions to enhance your European network
  • A marketplace for promoting your project ideas and find your partners

Who can participate?

The webinar and the virtual matchmaking are interesting for European organisations active in the water sector and interested in European funding programmes and international cooperation. These can be companies (start-ups, SMEs and large companies), research institutes or governmental organisations. Moreover, this can be interesting for organisations from other sectors (agriculture, health, energy, food&beverage, pulp&paper, etc.) with water challenges or in which water is an important part of their processes.

Event organisation

This workshop is organised by ZINNAE, Water Alliance and France Water Team in the framework of the BLUES project and in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network. The BLUES project facilitates transnational, sectoral and cross-sectoral exchanges between Clusters and their members (SME, technology centres and other Scale-up support organizations) within the blue and eco-industries domain, to facilitate learning, innovation-oriented activities, and the discovery of European markets and business partners in the Single Market and beyond in order to increase their competitiveness and growth.Participation in the webinar and the virtual matchmaking is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory. When you register via the button 'Register now' you are automatically registered for the webinar and the matchmaking. 

Location and date

Virtual Event