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Are you part of Europe’s steelmaking industry? 

To become a climate-neutral continent, the EU needs low-emission solutions for the steel industry. To make this happen, steel makers, value chains, policymakers and investors need to work together to find solutions for decarbonising the steel industry. 

Funded under the EU’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel, theGreen Steel for Europe project looked at new technologies, investment needs and funding opportunities.  

Its findings will be discussed at the conference “Climate-neutral steelmaking in Europe – technology, financing and policy conditions” on 9-10 November 2021. The event will take place online and is organised by the think tank Centre for European Policy Studies. 

Topics to be addressed are: 

  • The Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the steel industry 

  • Supply and demand 

  • Climate-neutral transformation  

  • Emission reduction 

You can find out more about Green Steel for Europe by visiting the project website and reading the project publications

Register for the conference here. 

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