Providing Ukraine with Medical Supplies: EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum

Submitted by ECCP Team on 25 May 2022

As the result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, approximately 10 million people have been displaced, over 2,000 buildings and productive zones have been destroyed, and the Ukrainian economy has been diminished by almost half. 

In April 2022, Mr. Mikhail Migdal, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s USA representative, reached out to Operation Mordechai (an organization providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees) to inform them of the ECCP's 'Clusters support Ukraine' Forum that had been set up in order to help Ukrainians with humanitarian aid, and to support economic development. 

The forum is divided into three categories, Needs, Offers and Logistics, where participants can publish information free of charge. The ECCP moderation team then provides support to Forum participants to help them achieve the desired results of their post as quickly as possible by disseminating posts to the relevant parties via medical foundations, NGOs, and of course the Ukrainian Chambers of commerce and its global representatives. 

One of the many needs posted on the Forum was in April 2022 from the International Assistance Headquarters for Ukrainians (IAHU) requesting medical goods such as medicines and the first aid medical kits. It was concerning this specific need that Mr. Midgal contacted Operation Mordechai about, recognising that they have the appropriate competences to help meet this urgent humanitarian request.  

With Mr. Migdal’s help, Operation Mordechai was able to provide our support by sending more than 286 kg of medical goods to the IAHU foundation.  

The Forum’s ability to effectively disseminate needs and offers, matching parties who can help one another, was an immense asset. It enabled Operation Mordechai to ensure that their resources found their way to exactly the right people, as quickly as possible. 

Operation Mordechai was launched as a time critical mission to address the humanitarian needs of the refugees who fled Ukraine to safer grounds. They provide medical supplies, food, clothing, hygiene products, home essentials, children and baby items, school supplies, and shelter assistance to refugees and their supporters. More information on

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