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PRE SME Toolkit

All manufacturing industries
Target group:
Energy Materials Water
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Promoting Resource Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises (PRE SME) is a user-friendly toolkit developed by UNEP and UNIDO. Intended for CEOs, operations managers, and cleaner production service providers, the tool (Resource Kit and Industrial Training Handbook) provides information about cleaner, resource-efficient production by resource category (water, energy, chemicals, wastes and materials), and various techniques to achieve it.

Resources include:

  • Guidelines for implementation (step-by-step software interactive tool)
  • Self-assessment tool to find out which areas need to be integrated
  • Interactive representation of an industrial plant to aid users throughout their assessment
  • Operational indicators
  • Sector specific benchmarks
  • Train-the-trainers resources
  • Compendium of additional information and case-studies

Training handbook addresses:

  • Resource efficiency, life-cycle thinking, dematerialisation, decarbonisation, the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, benchmarking, cleaner production, safer production and integrated management systems
  • The PDCA cycle as a basis for continuous improvement
  • Five thematic modules for detailed assessment (water, energy, materials, waste, chemicals)
  • Benchmarking and benchmarks for different sectors and units
  • Relevant international laws, restrictions, standards
  • Guidance for planning a resource efficiency programme
  • Slides for trainers, exercises for workshops, practical templates, internet resources, etc.