PITCCH Project's Second Round of Corporate Challenges is Now Open

DEADLINE: 15 November 2021

Are you a cluster or SME in advanced technologies? 

The PITCCH project aims to promote open innovation through a European Network where technology centres facilitate collaborations between big corporations as technology seekers and SMEs as technology providers. In the PITCCH network, technology centres act as facilitators of SMEs or startups’ solutions. 

PITCCH has recently opened a registration channel specifically for cluster organisations. You can join the platform to discover PITCCH’s second round of corporate challenges seeking SMEs’ and startups’ solutions. 

SMEs and startups from the EU Members States or H2020 Associated Countries have a unique opportunity to apply solutions based on advanced technologies to solve the open innovation challenges from big corporations.  

A brief outline of the challenges is as follows: 

  • Challenge by Electrolux: Food Recognition APP. Electrolux is seeking an SME or a startup that can develop an Android and/or iOS APP with the focus on an algorithm to use the camera of a smart device  

  • Challenge by Mondi: Fly Ash as feedstock to speciality materials. Mondi wants to find an SME or startup that can provide meaningful solutions to utilize fly ash as an additive to speciality materials.  

  • Challenge by RepsolProduction of Bio-Butadiene from Ethanol. REPSOL is looking for an SME or startup to develop a cost-competitive Bio-Ethanol technology to reduce the CO2 footprint 

  • Challenge by SGS: Automated Samplers for Environmental Monitoring. SGS is looking for a partner to develop an efficient tool for large scale monitoring of ecosystems and biodiversity 

  • Challenge by Signify: Truly organic 3D printing material. Signify is looking for a partner to develop advanced biomaterials. 

Each winning SME receives an award of €15,000 of which €5,000 will be dedicated to implementing innovation activities and €10,000 will be dedicated to accessing services from one or more selected Technology Centers. SMEs and Startups will also benefit from free-of-charge brokerage services from the PITCCH consortium. 

Become part of the PITCCH network by registering here by 15 November 2021. 

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