PITCCH Corporate Challenges Open Call

DEADLINE: 14 February 2022

The PITCCH project aims to create a pan-European Open Innovation network to facilitate collaboration between big companies and SMEs or start-ups who can provide new technologies.  

The project has launched its 3rd open callfor corporate challenges. Big corporations can submit their Corporate Challenges on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform and request an SME to develop or improve a product, process or service. The Challenge proposal must be relevant to a European priority area seeking advanced technologies. Selected challenges will be published on the Platform at the beginning of March 2022. 

The financial support includes €5,000 from the PITCCH consortium to the selected SME and a minimum of €5,000 to be committed by the Big Corporations. 

The deadline for applying for the collaboration is 14 February.  

Apply here. 

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