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Photonics Finland is a partner in the EU project Photonics4industry and a major part of this project is to bring companies from the different partner clusters together through the clusterXchange scheme. We are organising a 3-day visit in September 7-9 in Tampere in order to offer partnership opportunities and learn best practices from different companies through networking but also workshops.

The event will be partially combined with the Optics & Photonics Days (September 6th-8th) that is an annual conference with plenary speakers, industrial and academic sessions, as well as an exhibition of 30 companies. There is also side events like poster sessions, nordic annual meeting or women in Optics and Photonics session. The idea is to give the opportunity to the visiting organisation to observe the Photonics Community in Finland and then get to know the members of that community through workshops, company visits and networking events. The focus of the event will be sharing best practices and promote partnership opportunities to create synergy between the different organisations. Registration to OPD event can already be made, all the information can be found at and the separated registration to the ClusterXchange event can be done through the CXC IT Tool, and you can contact Caroline Amiot by email to [email protected] if you need more information.

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