Are you interested in Horizon Europe Cluster 5: CLIMATE, ENERGY, MOBILITY calls? are you searching for partners?

During the event you will have the opportunity to meet companies, research centres, universities and other entities interested in presenting proposals to the Horizon Europe 2021 calls linked to mobility and energy. You'll get the opportunity to expand your international network and create partnerships and consortiums.

Goals for the participants:

- Create contacts and partnerships aimed at presenting proposals in the smart mobility and energy topics

- Receive information about Horizon-Europe pillar 2 cluster 5: CLIMATE, ENERGY, MOBILITY

The event is organised by 4 different European clusters: Italian Technology Cluster for Smart Communities, Basque Mobility and Logistics Cluster, MLC ITS EuskadiRomanian Cluster Association - CLUSTERO, and NEXTMOVE with the aim of sharing information about the Horizon-Europe Cluster 5: CLIMATE, ENERGY, MOBILITY calls for proposals and giving the opportunity to cluster members to present their project ideas & competences regarding these topics.

The event consists in 3 days with the following agenda:

Day 1 - 20 July: Plenary session, presentation of key elements of the H-EU calls, cluster members presentations of project ideas and company competences.

Day 2 - 21 July: Brokerage event + Panel with municipalities

Day 3 - 22 July: Brokerage event + conclusions and closing session

Location and date

Virtual Event

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