Optimising compressed air system

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Automotive manufacturing
Investment cost:
High cost
High cost
Size of company:
Small (less than 50)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:
Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Smart tools solve two problems, save energy

  • Installing sensors and smart valves in the compressed air system saves power and money
  • The combined solutions save € 15 300 per year in energy costs

The German company Edison Fatehpour Stanzerei develops solutions in the areas of stamping techniques, tool-making, eroding, fine blanking, barrel finishing, and engineering. The products are mainly used in the automotive industry.

As many companies in the metal-processing area, compressed air plays an important role. In Edison's case, resolving two problems led to reduced energy consumption by the compressed air system. Firstly, the compressed air at the fast-punching machine for blowing out the parts was continuously blowing air and not just when needed. Secondly, water used in the barrel-finishing process was driven by a compressed air pump. Because the water had to be moved 24/7 the compressed air system was even running during weekends.

Key results

At a cost of € 8 000, Edison Fatehpour Stanzerei bought sensors and quick-acting gate valves for the speed-stamping process, and electro-pumps for the process water. These measures control compressed air demand by 50-70 % and shut down the compressed air system during weekends. Both solutions combined saved the company € 15 300 per year in energy costs, which means the initial investment could be paid off in half a year.

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