Open Call for Proposals for Financial Support for Social Economy SMEs in Agrifood Sector - final extended deadline!

DEADLINE: 28 June 2024

This Call for Proposals is launched in the framework of the GRAINS project.  

Through this Call up to 60 Social Economy SMEs will be selected to support financially the implementation of their greening projects in their agrifood businesses in EU Member States and Ukraine. 

Applicants can submit their application through the GRAINS Submission Service on the cluster submission platform before the deadline, scheduled on 28 June 2024 at 17:00 CET (final extended deadline). 

The call text, the application forms and other relevant documents can be accessed to and downloaded on the GRAINS Submission Service  on the cluster submission platform, or the Funding and Tender Portal

More information can be found on the GRAINS website on or requested by contacting the GRAINS project info service at [email protected] 

The activities for which social economy SMEs may receive financial support are: 

  1. training (upskilling and reskilling), 

  1. consultancy and labelling for greening their operations, 

  1. tailored advisory services to develop local markets, 

  1. other elements necessary for greening their enterprises (eco certifications, eco packaging, digitalisation and technologies, etc.) 

  1. additional path of coaching and mentoring (specific coaching and mentoring services are already offered to Social Economy SMEs through other project activities). 

For the implementation of their projects, using the grant provided to them by the GRAINS project, selected Social Economy SMEs will have to contract verified service providers. The list is available on the GRAINS Submission Service. Those service providers who missed the deadline need to apply for the assessment and the registration in the list through this provider’s application service

This Call for Proposals for Financial Support for  Social Economy SMEs in Agri-food will be open from 29 February 2024 until 28 June 2024 (final extended deadline) and will select up to 60 Social Economy SMEs in the agri-food sector to take part in the GRAINS project Financial Facility Program.  

The maximum amount to be granted per Social Economy SME in Agrifood by the GRAINS project shall not exceed € 8.175,00.  

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