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Submitted by Imogen Allan on 26 February 2021

If you’re a small business looking to internationalise, Access2Markets could help you.

This web portal combines the Market Access Database, the EU Trade Helpdesk and much more in a single tool. Access2Markets has all you need to know about duties, taxes, product rules and requirements for all EU countries and over 120 other markets around the world.


SMEs can look up information product by product in My Trade Assistant. Every product has a code which you can find it on Access2Markets. You will need the code to know what customs duties and national or local taxes you need to pay.

If you’re just starting out, step-by-step guides describe the entire import-export process for goods and services.

Features of the portal:

  • All EU trade deals at a glance with details on their rules of origin, protection of EU intellectual property, investment, public procurement markets and much more. See how your business can benefit.
  • Claim your duty discount to benefit from reduced tariffs. To do so, you must submit the relevant documents to the customs authorities of the importing country. Each EU trade agreement lists the documents you will need for this. Find out about how to prove the origin of your product, as well as whether or not you need to be a ‘registered exporter’.

How to put your product on the market

Access2Markets has all the information you need, whether it’s on conformity assessment certificates for machinery, health certificates for aquaculture products, or labelling for processed foods.

Find out more about the online tools and services here.

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