New Horizon IP Scan Service to support EU start-ups and SMEs

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 26 July 2021

Is your organisation working in a EIC Pathfinder project? Or working on a research and innovation (R&I) project?

Horizon IP Scan Service, a new and free IP advisory service, has been launched by the European Commission. It is designed to support European start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with their EU-funded collaborative research projects.

It is available to SMEs involved in EIC Pathfinder projects, specifically targeting the initial phase of new EIC Pathfinder and Transition projects.

The service enables organisations to manage and valorise intellectual property (IP) effectively in R&I activities. SMEs will be presented with advice and recommendations by local IP experts. This enables them to develop a shared strategy with collaborators and manage the IP created in their projects.

In particular, the service follows general principles of IP pre-diagnosis and covers three key steps:

  1. A preparation phase including a pre-interview;
  2. The main interview (either in-person or online);
  3. Provision of a report and recommendations.

Horizon IP Scan Service can provide support to either a single SME or a partnership of SMEs working together on a research project.

Through the service, SMEs can build their knowledge of IPs and understanding of their existing IP. Experts can also support SMEs with the development of a joint IP management and exploitation strategy with their partners, as well as identifying and presenting potential IP conflicts.

If your partnership is involved in an EIC Pathfinder and Transition project, you can apply for the service during the Grant Agreement preparation phase or up to six moths after your project’s start date. Individual SMEs can apply at any time.

Learn more about the Horizon IP Scan and how to apply here.

Horizon IP scan
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