The new ClusterXchange IT Tool is now live!

Submitted by María Midón García on 21 September 2022

The new CXC IT Tool is finally live! After months of gathering feedback from the European Cluster Collaboration Partnerships| Excellence (Partnerships) and other CXC participants, the CXC Support Office, in collaboration with the ECCP IT Team, is happy to announce that a simplified CXC IT Tool is now out:

The new CXC IT Tool is meant to be navigated almost exclusively by the Partnership administrators, eliminating the time consuming steps of profile creation, validation and matching. This means that CXC participants will be able to focus on the collaboration and networking side of ClusterXchange.

The exchanges in the old CXC IT Tool have not been tranferred into the new CXC IT Tool. But fret not! the old IT Tool is still accessible in this URL: and will be active until 20 October 2022.

Finally, the CXC Support Office is hosting a CXC IT Tool training on 6 October 2022 at 10:00h. This training is meant for Partnership administrators to get to know the CXC IT Tool better, and have their questions answered. If you want to participate in this training, or want to know more about CXC or the CXC IT Tool, please contact [email protected]

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