In-Move by Railgrup promotes a successful pilot demonstration of rail freight transport, reducing CO2 emissions by 92%.

Submitted by Daniel Fernánd… on 19 May 2023

In-Move by Railgrup facilitated the knowledge and coordination of companies in the sector. Additionally, In-Move organised awareness and training workshops on international multimodal transport, in which more than ten wineries participated. These sessions addressed logistical and administrative aspects, and as an outcome, a first shipment was planned between Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (Spain) and Alsheim (Germany).

The challenge was clear: To reduce CO2 emissions from the viticulture sector exports.

The result exceeded all expectations: more than 11,000 bottles of cava were transported to Germany with a 92% saving in CO2 emissions, less time, and a 3% increase in cargo capacity compared to road transport. These were some figures of the TRAILS project, which involves the development of the Multimodal Logistics Strategy with the railroad as the backbone to achieve sustainable transportation. CIMALSA, the cluster’s member and president, coordinates the Trails project.

The initiative, a pioneer in Catalonia, is part of the TRAILS project, the work of the Multimodal Services Committee and the development of the Logistics Strategy for the internationalisation of the Catalan economy, coordinated by CIMALSA, to offer companies sustainable railway solutions to reduce road traffic and CO2 emissions, promoting multi-product and multi-client rail transport.

The project covered more than 1,400 kilometres between the Freixenet headquarters in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona) and Alsheim (Germany).

It had a budget of 1,350,000, 65% co-financed by the POCTEFA Program. With the participation of 10 partners from France and Spain, it was a finalist of the Regiostars 2021 awards, organised by the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission. The pilot test has had the international collaboration of the DITECFER Cluster through the European Railway Cluster Initiative (E.R.C.I.), where In-Move by Railgrup is also a founder member.

The actual implementation was executed through the expertise and general supervision of Tenalach Consulting (In-Move’s member), with extensive experience as a multimodal operator and consultant who coordinated the intervention of:

·       All Ways Action (Spain) for the training and implementation.

·       New Generation Sensors (Italian Spin off) for traceability.

·       Pionira / Widoit (Belgium / Spain) for the generation of digital documents.

·       Cordstrap for the protection of goods (Spanish delegation of the Dutch multinational).

·       Fresh Rail (Netherlands) for the management of the multimodal operator.

·       JSV Logistics (Spain) for the intermodal transport unit.

·       Eco TransIT World (Germany) for the environmental impact assessment of the operation.


The project’s results are very positive in different aspects. The following milestones were achieved:

- 92% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional road transport.

- Transit times are similar to traditional road transport, with room for improvement.

- 3% increase in cargo capacity compared to road transport

- Real-time tracking of shipment and product conditions through the Internet

- Digitized documentation, with a 24% savings in administrative costs

- Improved work/life balance for participating drivers

- Reduction of the gender gap in the sector.

- Reduction of traffic on the road (resulting in fewer accidents, less pollution and better mobility for people).


In-move by Railgrup’s Cluster Manager, Ignasi Gómez-Belinchón, emphasised that "this project is a logistical milestone because it has managed to turn the whole theory of the advantages of multimodal logistics with a railway base into something tangible and of great value for the end user". In addition, according to Gómez-Belinchón, "the Wine Train has made evident the capacity of the cluster ecosystem to offer tangent and technically viable solutions to the challenges posed by the administrations and the market".

For his part, the head of Tenalach Consulting (cluster member), Aristarco Tomás, has emphasised the need to "turn this success story into a starting point to advance in a more multimodal, more digitised, more sustainable and efficient logistics".  In this sense, he added that "the transversality and integration of technologies allow us to offer complete solutions to customers under the concept of a one-stop shop".

Enric Ticó, president of both CIMALSA and In-Move by Railgrup, highlights that “the initiative shows the need to promote and bet on the rail as an essential transport option to contribute to the decarbonisation of the sector and decongest the road network of the territory”.

This pilot demonstration has a highly significant positive impact with an outstanding technological contribution to the logistics sector and environmental sustainability.



Objective / Challenge

·       To reduce CO2 emissions from the viticulture sector exports.

Environmental impacts and benefits addressed

·       To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from viticulture exports.

·       To promote the use of railway transports for viticulture exports.

·       To reduce viticulture export time and costs.

Solution’s description

·       The solution has developed a logistic model capable of delivering

·       European viticulture exports through railway transport.

·       The solution is based on the TrackOne Cloud Application, a software that enables the supply chain complete visibility through tracking, tracing and monitoring the goods and assets exported.

·       The technology employs sensors to analyse the conditions (speed, temperature, vibrations...) in which goods are transported.

·       The sensors send the data to the IoT Cloud platform, thus enabling real-time tracking and cargo monitoring.

Main constraint / Difficulty

·       The current Logistics Supply Chain are mainly (97% in Spain) by Road.

·       Lack of Market Places for Matching Available Volumes.

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