DEADLINE: 30 September 2021


The call aims at stimulating the cross-sectoral collaboration of SMEs in the framework of innovative projects with a grant of up to €60,000 per project.

The collaborative projects should help SMEs to learn from what is going on in other sectors and to use knowledge, expertise and technology assets to increase performance and productivity.

The GROW/HARVEST call intends to allow SMEs to detect market opportunities and establish partnerships. The evaluation criteria of the call are set up to back proposals with a cross-border approach.

GROW and HARVEST projects

GROW projects will focus on the creation and development of technologies for the construction sector and lead to:

• concept proofed in experiment • technology validated in a lab • technology validated in a relevant environment

HARVEST projects will focus on the integration or uptake of existing technologies in the construction sector and lead to:

• system prototype demonstrated in operational environment • system completed and qualified • system proofed in operational environment • system and production routine implemented


All proposed projects need to respond to one of the following four challenges:

  1. Construction/ICT: monitoring and managing building energy and health performance in buildings
  2. Nature-based solutions: renovation
  3. Construction-recycling and circular economy
  4. Construction-additive manufacturing: reusing waste

Who can apply?

The financial support is reserved for SMEs.

The applicant must be a consortium of two or more SMEs from at least two eligible sectors (one of them construction): construction, digital industry, additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions, circularity and recycling.

At least one of the SMEs has to be established in one of the six METABUILDING target countries: Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal or Spain.

Find out more and apply here.

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