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General Waste
Wholesale and retail trade (exc. motor vehicles)
Investment cost:
High cost
High cost
Size of company:
Large (more than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Retailer reduces food loss with customers on-board

  • Finnish grocery stores actively communicate to customers about their food waste management efforts, encouraging them to reduce household food waste too
  • Active communication and customer outreach in matters of enviromental responsibility can significantly benefit corporate image

With approximately 37.2 % of the marketshare to its name, K-Group is the second biggest operator in the Finnish grocery sector. Its extensive neighbourhod stores network means customer relations and communication go a long way, including on the waste reduction front. As households account for a major share of overall food waste,  K-food stores have striven not only to communicate about the waste efficiency measures they themselves implement, but have also endeavoured to raise awareness amongst their customers.

With the aim of helping customers to better plan their food purchases, K-Group has developed a mobile app which offers personalised benefits, store-specific offers, a smart shopping list and over 6 000 recipes. At the end of 2017, the app had 450 000 users.

K-food stores have also taken part in the yearly national Food Waste Week, promoting awareness campaigns that offer food-waste related recipes and tips for food shopping and meal planning. K-Group campaigns have also made a point of encouraging customers to plan meals and buy items nearest expiration, on a first-in-first-out basis.

Key benefits

  • Communication about food waste management and environmental consciousness contributes to a positive corporate image
  • Customers appreciate tips and advice for meal planning and recipes, and have subsequently taken steps to reduce their own food waste
  • These measures are win-win K-Group and its valued customers

Motiva Oy, License to eat - website about food waste management,…;(in Finnish)

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