Local transport and 'green' mobility in tourist centres

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Providing free or low-cost access to green options for local mobility appeals to guests who are conscious of their carbon footprint. Options include encouraging use of local transport, bicycles and electric vehicles over land and providing kayaks, rowboats and other water-based modes of transport.

The most effective way for accommodation managers to encourage eco-efficient transport is to offer discounts to guests arriving by public transport, and to provide a pick-up service for these guests.

Further encouragements include establishing exclusion zones or times for motorised transport and setting low-speed limits. Local nature-based activities, such as cycling or walking tours, can also be organised or promoted to guests in campsites and other accommodation types.

Providing clear information to guests regarding the efficiency of different forms of transport may also be useful in influencing their behaviour. Visible promotion of 'green' transport alternatives on booking and hotel websites advises guests before they travel, and once that arrive, leaflets and other notififications at the reception area or popular gathering points are recommended. 

EU Flower Ecolabel criteria for accommodation and campsites offers some valudable insights:

  • Bicycles in good working order made available to guests (e.g. at least 3 bikes for every 50 rooms)
  • Offer guests travelling by public transport a pick up service at arrival (ideally using environmentally friendly transportation, such as electric cars)
  • Provide easy-to-find and -follow information to guests and staff on how to use public transportation to and from the site (or other green alternatives in the event of no public transport in the area)
  • Visible notices inviting guests to support the environmental objectives of the property (e.g. in the common areas and rental accommodation)

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