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Take part in the 2-day learning expedition to discover the Tuscany textile ecosystem.

Prato is one of the most important textile manufacturing area at national and European level, with a strong history in recycling wool. The textile and clothing sector represent the most relevant reality in terms of number of companies in the sector (around 7.000), of people employed (around 44.000) and economic turnover. The industrial district present an active environment where growing interdependence among companies, and different actors drive to an innovative approach for the fashion system.

To have a wide and heterogeneous vision on the T&C reality of Prato, the 2-day Learning Expedition organized by Next Technology Tecnotessile, will bring you to discover the production of traditional T&C companies as well as more innovative companies engaged in textile recycling and in the technical textile production.

The first day will be dedicated to the visit of the cluster organization and later to manufacturing and wastewater management companies.

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Day: November 8th and 9th 2021Location: Prato/Florence Region (Spain)


Day 1 – November 8th

Time Activities
  • Visit to NTT – Cluster presentation
  • Visit to a textile company specialized in high fashion textiles – Prato area
  • Visit to a textile processing factory in finishing – Prato area
  • Visit to GIDA, Management of water purification plants, (Prato)

Day 2 – November 9th

Time Activities

Workshop on Prato textile ecosystem, circular textiles and technical textiles with experts and exponents of Prato area


Networking and meetings with local stakeholders

** All visits are tentative subject to change without prior notice.** GALACTICA consortium reserves the right to change dates or cancel the call at any time, change its provisions or extend it. In such a case we will inform all applicants about such change.

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You can get 650€ if you are traveling from outside Italy or 500€ if you are within Italy (at least 300km away from Prato).

Travel vouchers are open to SMEs from EU27 or UK from textile, aerospace or advanced manufacturing sectors.

See full details in the call for expression of interest.

Call for expression of interest to attend the Learning Expedition to Prato

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Location and date

07 November 2021 - 09 November 2021
59100 Prato
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