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Data is key for research and innovation, personalised products and services, powerful new technologies and better decision-making processes.  

These create solutions to societal challenges that can improve and save people’s lives, as the current pandemic demonstrates.  

Taking place on 23-25 November, the EU Open Data Days 2021 will focus on the EU’s public sector and are targeted towards people interested in data. The events are also relevant for policymakers, researchers, academia, private entities, students and citizens. 

The Open Data Days will include:  

  • EU DataViz 2021which addresses the needs of the EU’s public sector engaged in open data and data visualisation 

  • EU Datathon which allows the tech community to put open data produced by the EU institutions into practice  

The key aim of these events is to discuss the theme of how open data can help to shape our digital future.  

Register here. 

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