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Submitted by Imogen Allan on 14 June 2021

EntreComp Europe is an initiative co-funded by the EU’s COSME programme.

The European Commission developed EntreComp – the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework – as a free reference framework to promote an entrepreneurial mindset. It will support the development and understanding of entrepreneurial competence in any setting.

EntreComp offers a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that people need to be entrepreneurial and create financial, cultural, or social value for others.

Taking initiative and mobilising people to get involved are useful skills, for example, when understanding how to use finances wisely in an SME.

EntreComp has the potential to be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting policy and practice to develop entrepreneurial skills;
  • Assessing entrepreneurial skills;
  • Supporting training of educators, trainers, and teachers to deliver entrepreneurial skills;
  • Designing programmes and learning opportunities;
  • Recognising and certifying skills.

EntreComp can be used across sectors, and is a key support for collaboration and development work by educators, trainers, employers, professional, bodies and policymakers.

Find out more and get involved here.

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