Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub (Project code 101083508 - TDIH, DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01), project selected by the European Commission for co-funding under the Digital Europe Programme.


The IQ Digital by George hybrid media concept is created by UPGRADE 100 in partnership with George – BCR innovation. Technology partner: Vodafone. Cluj-Napoca edition is powered by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub.
IQ DIGITAL SUMMIT in Cluj-Napoca is an event focused on digital transformation across sectors and industries, bringing concepts about the current digital and tech revolution closer to local business communities and public administration in the largest Romanian cities.

We are currently anticipating an audience of about 600 people per edition - entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, academics, startups and representatives of the local, regional, national and international public organizations.

Our goal is to create a know-how exchange platform, a space built around good practices examples and debate to innovate the private and public areas, to encourage resilient digitalization and efficient and sustainable transformation.
For Cluj-Napoca, the agenda already includes three global speakers, namely Martin Ford - an American futurist and author focusing on artificial intelligence and robotics, Paul Roetzer founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, Olivia Gambelin an AI Ethicist bringing human values into artificial intelligence design and an Entrepreneur growing the responsible tech industry. Our traditional format features a panel dedicated to local startups that have made it globally and another panel dedicated to the public institutions’ efforts to embrace a sound and relevant digital strategy.

IQ Digital Summit event is open to the public and there is no admission fee. Target group: public authorities, researchers, representatives from academia, business representatives, the innovation community at national and international level.

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