Internationalisation and the ClusterXchange pilot scheme webinar

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 09 November 2021

On 28 October 2021, the ClusterXchange Support Office of ECCP, DG GROW and EISMEA hosted a webinar on “Internationalisation and the ClusterXchange pilot scheme”.

The virtual event was an occasion for cluster partnerships, host and visiting organisations to share experiences and benefits related to the exchanges they had participated in.

The webinar sessions explored the implementation of the CXC in general, as well as the role of the exchanges as a tool for the internationalisation of SMEs and the cross-pollination of innovative techniques among different industries.

The overview of the benefits of the CXC project for participating organisations was provided by the CXC Support Office followed by an experience sharing session with Annalisa Zuccotti (Coordinator Excellence Partnership Cluster Excellence in Life Sciences – Internationalisation of SMEs (CELIS), Jane Nohr (cluster manager of the Host Organization Danish Life Science Cluster), and Ronny Schmidt, (Head of Contract Research of the Visiting Organization Sciomics GmbH).

As an example of the positive impact of the CXC, Annalisa Zuccotti highlighted the participation of Sciomics GmbH in the Week of Health and Innovation conference as a speaker at the visionary seminar on precision medicine, as well as the organization of meetings with Danish and Swedish companies by the Danish Life Science Cluster, which led to the establishment of many new contacts and the identification of potential partners and customers.

Additionally, despite the virtual nature of the previous exchanges between the organizations, these were deemed very impactful since they involved over 20 countries, consisted in the organization of over 150 1:1 meetings, and led to the development of over 30 solutions to CELIS Challenges.

In the second half of the webinar, Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, and Daniele Dosi, Project Advisor of the Enterprise Europe Network, addressed the topic of exchanges as a tool for the internationalization of SMEs.  Stafan’s intervention focused on the workings and results of the MobiliseSME project - an online match-making database for companies created in light of a gap in cross border exchange programmes for established and experienced SMEs. MobiliseSME allows employees to work internationally, experience a foreign culture and foreign markets in their sector, and adopt a global outlook. Over 110 companies participated in the first phase of the project, stemming especially from ICT, communication & marketing, consultancy, and accounting. Moreover, Daniele highlighted the importance of the Enterprise Europe Network in supporting growth-oriented SMEs through services such as international partnerships, advisory support, and innovation support.

If you would like to take part in ClusterXchange and learn more about the scheme, visit the CXC portal here or contact the CXC Support Office at clusterxchange [at]

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