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Inneon - online platform for eco-innovation investment

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The Inneon network for eco-innovation investment aims to extend public and private funding sources available for eco-innovation and social innovation in Europe, and provide a unique forum dedicated to the interaction between a select cohort of innovators and relevant investors.

Innovators and investors can join the network providing access to pan-European markets to improve the quality of deals and allow for efficient matching of entrepreneurs and investors.

Inneon was funded by the CIP-Eco-Innovation Programme untill 2016. From then on, it runs as a self-sustained initiative under the management of some of its initial project partners.

SMEs with eco-innovative ideas are invited to submit an application. Projects considered to be 'investor ready' are given a dedicated account in the membership area where specific coaching support (i.e. for investment plans) and matchmaking can be provided to the relevant SME.

Innovators who qualify for Inneon receive:

  • Coaching support to assist in creating a compelling value proposition for eco- and socially-innovative products and services leading to introductions to potential investors
  • Potential access to three types of investors serving different segments of the capital market: business angels, venture capitalists and corporate investors
  • Connectivity and networking with a select group of fellow innovators and with investors specifically interested in eco-innovation, allowing for an exchange of ideas, information and advice through an online matchmaking platform

There is also a ‘self help’ toolbox for entrepreneurs/SMEs who want to design an eco-innovation business plan, covering:

  • Budgets and financial calculations
  • Business plan presentation template
  • Business plan evaluation
  • Business model development
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) tool