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IAMC Toolkit

All manufacturing industries
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All types of companies and organisations
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The toolkit provides the chemical industry and consultants in the sector with practical techniques and documentation (methods, guides, technical resources) to achieve their goal; namely Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC) across the whole product value chain, while increasing business performance through innovation.

In particular, the toolkit aims at:

  • Improving (chemical) resource productivity
  • Reducing pollution intensity, especially chemical waste
  • Improving health and safety (staff, society, the environment) and reducing accident risk
  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals/processes or substituting them with safer ones
  • Improving business productivity and generating value for customers
  • Providing a framework for sustainable innovation

The toolkit is not intended to set standards. Instead, companies are advised to give priority to legal standards, and if no national legal framework is available, the recommendations provided in this toolkit can be applied. The toolkit can also help companies to implement their Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) goals, and also shares the goals of the global chemical conventions known as Stockholm, Basel and Rotterdam.