How to use the ECCP Trend Universe

To benefit from the ECCP Trend Universe, your organisation needs to be registered on the ECCP platform. ECCP users from outside the EU also need to qualify as Pro User. Pro Users are organisations on the platform who have filled out all the mandatory and at least half of the optional fields. Pro Users of the ECCP platform will have unrestricted access to the ECCP Trend Universe. Find out more information about the new ECCP registration process and a Pro User Manual here.

Find here the updated document to guide you through the process of using the Trend Universe, so that you can maximise its effectiveness for you or your cluster organisation.

Below are some steps on how to use ECCP Trend Universe. You can also watch the training video below:

1: Open the ECCP Trend Universe as a Pro User 

As a registered Pro User, you can access the ECCP Trend Universe by clicking on the access button.  

2: Navigation within the ECCP Trend Universe 

Find your way around the ECCP Trend Universe by clicking on the navigation bar. From here, you can reach the dashboard of the ECCP Trend Universe and can switch to the “Radar” tab. 


3: Access the 14 industrial ecosystems  

After having switched to the “Radar” tab, you can see trend radars for the 14 industrial ecosystems. Simply click on your chosen radar to open it. Inside the radar, you will find concrete instructions on its use. If you want, you can leave the radar and open the next ecosystem.


4: Select an ecosystem you want to learn more about 

Whichever ecosystem interests you, the ECCP Trend Universe will allow you to:

  • Discover the most important key mega and macro trends 
  • Carry out your own assessment along the megatrends 
  • See a conclusion of the trend evaluation


5: Identify the relevant areas of opportunity and risk.

Based on your assessments, many member ratings, and specific global data, a well-founded picture of action areas will be formed, within which you can exploit strategic opportunities for your organisation and wider members of the ECCP community. Based on all the information, the system automatically provides you with relevant solution-based approaches that you can then process further.


6: Develop concrete approaches to solutions 

Develop concrete solutions with your team and/or members based on the results and the options suggested by the system. 


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