Horizon Europe Call for Raw Materials in Complex Supply Chains

DEADLINE: 30 March 2022

Are you a cluster or SME in raw materials? 

Horizon Europe has an open call to try and improve supply chain transparency and ensure the sustainability of European raw materials. 


There is a need to improve EU supply chain data transparency and traceability, enabling consumers and producers to have information about the origins of metals in finished products.  

Projects under this call are expected to contribute to the following outcomes: 

  • Improve supply chain data transparency and traceability 

  • Set up technological solutions for tracking raw material flows  

  • Identify and address gaps 

  • Develop comparable criteria, reporting and audit approaches 

  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials 

  • Contribute to the implementation of the following actions of the EU Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials 

This call will close gaps by setting up technological solutions for tracking raw material flows, building criteria, reporting and audit approaches.  

Examples include transparency in payments and traceability from the beginning to the end of the supply chain and the use of block chain technology. 

The deadline for this call is 30 March 2022. 

Apply here. 

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