Last update date 12 November 2021

Description of measure

The Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative (HTCI), known as Corallia, is a group of technology clusters that have a significant role at national level, bringing together innovative concepts and companies of different shapes and sizes, academia, research laboratories. The Corallia Clusters Initiative is a Unit of the Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies. Today, it coordinates three highly specialised technology clusters in Greece with more than 160 members, the gi-Cluster (Recreational and Creative Technologies & Applications), the mi-Cluster (Nano / Microelectronics Systems & Applications), the si-Cluster (Space Technologies Applications). It is the first group of clusters established in Greece. Considering the cohesion policy, Coralia is fueling growth and competitiveness in business sectors where Greece can attain a world-wide competitive advantage through the establishment of innovation clusters.

Territorial validity
Strategic challenges
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