Have your say on the Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation

DEADLINE: 20 September 2021

The European Commission is holding a stakeholder consultation on the Guiding Principles for the Knowledge Valorisation Platform

Not familiar with the platform? It works as a hub for organisations across Europe, allowing them to exchange best practices, ideas and expertise on research and data collection, which can then be produced into practical use. 

The Commission are interested to learn what the current needs and expectations are for valorising research-based knowledge in Europe. As a result, they plan to update and develop Guiding Principles for knowledge valorisation, as well as a Code of Practice for the smart use of intellectual property (IP)

This consultation is the perfect opportunity for organisations and SMEs to share their thoughts, as results will be crucial in the co-creation of the upcoming principles and Code of Practice. 

Keen to take part? Make sure you have your say in the consultation by 20 September 2021

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