Last update date 2 December 2022

Description of measure

GreenEvo - Green Technology Accelerator is a programme of the Ministry of Climate and Environment prepared with a view to promote Polish green technologies. The main objective is the support of Polish environmental technologies in the country and abroad. The programme was designed to help Polish small and medium-sized enterprises to establish international contacts, as well as to provide them with knowledge and tools enabling dynamic development. The activities undertaken in the programme stimulate sustainable development and strengthen the position of innovative green technologies in the process of building the circular economy.The GreenEvo programme implements the assumptions of the 'State Environmental Policy 2030' in the field of technology transfer and pro-ecological activities.The main beneficiaries: SMEs (including cluster members).The programme provides an opportunity to participate in foreign economic missions, establish business contacts and develop knowledge about foreign markets (trainings).The main success factor: Developing green technologies and using the potential of clusters to support green transition.

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