DigithON is an event organised in the framework of the BE-READI ALPS’ project, an inspiring and innovative programme co-financed by the European Union via INTERREG Alpine Space.

The Green Mountain DigithON matchmaking event on 14 April at 9am CET will focus on digital transformation in the field of alpine technologies, renewable energy, and sustainability, focusing particularly on technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.

Why participate?

This matchmaking event will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet potential partners related to the digital transformation technologies that are revolutionising businesses. By participating in the 20-minute pre-scheduled meetings, you will have the chance to find the right contacts to help you build new regional, national, and international technology partnerships.


  • Alpine Technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Textiles
  • Materials

Keynote speaker

The keynote speaker is Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurze, Professor of IP-Management at the CEIPI University of Strasbourg, who will discuss protecting digital solutions with Intellectual Property Management. Prof. Wurzer will discuss how to protect the look and design of furniture and natural alpine wood decor with IP. He will explain how Schattdecor has addressed this challenge and used a smart digital watermark that can identify counterfeit products to protect their business. The efficient use of resources and energy, which is particularly important for the lighting industry, will also be covered.

Who should attend?

  • Companies interested in new specific digitalisation topics
  • Companies looking for partners and new co-operations
  • Digitalisation teams and startups seeking new customers and partners
  • Industry experts
  • Academics
  • Development and innovation planning projects in relevant areas
  • Research institutes


Find out more and register here before the registration deadline on 13 April.

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