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Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA)
Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia / CEAGA

Spain: Galicia
Patricia Solá
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About us

The CEAGA’s vision is to position the Galician Automotive Sector as a Global Leader in terms of competitiveness and sustainability in a 2025 time horizon, thus contributing to the progress and quality of life of its environment. To reach this goal, the Galician Automotive Cluster Foundation (CEAGA) promotes high-impact cooperative projects, which benefit the Galician Automotive Sector as a whole, thus improving aspects such as:

  • Competitiveness in terms of quality and cost
  • Flexibility when adapting to changes in the market
  • Innovation and technological capacity
  • Development of the industrial framework and economy
  • Sectorial cooperation
  • Integral development of individuals
  • Commitment to the region
Established - 23 April 1997
Staff in the management team - 11-20
Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce
  • Competence development

Cluster composition

  • 199
    Cluster Members
  • 120
  • 53
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 64
    Large Companies
  • 2
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 13
    Other Ecosystem Actors

Grouped negotiation of electricity

  • Launched in 2003 with 6 companies.
  • 104 plants currently participating (58 in high voltage and 46 in low voltage).
  • A volume of 140 GWh, representing a €16 Million turnover per year is negotiated.
  • Advice and optimization of the electric supply contracting parameters, information on regulatory changes in the electric market, periodic control of invoices.

Lean Experts Development Plan

  • Launched in 2009 to improve the competences of the Lean coordinators coming from the participating plants.
  • Four levels: Initiation, Junior, Senior and Expert.
  • More than 350 Lean Managers from 44 companies trained.
  • 210 "Learning by doing" sessions performed in plant.
  • 280 Lean projects successfully developed and audited.
  • Own programme with CEAGA’s copyright.

Business Factory Auto (BFA)

  • Project started in 2016, promoted by the Galician Government, the Free Trade Zone Consortium of Vigo, Stellantis (at that time Groupe PSA) and CEAGA.
  • Objective: to identify, accelerate and consolidate specialized automotive projects and transform them into viable and scalable innovative companies that attract and retain talent
  • Support to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • Two programmes: acceleration (for newly created companies) and consolidation (for more mature companies).
  • BFA in figures: 44 companies created, 70 Million euros of turnover and 70 jobs generated.

Project Manager Automoción (PMA)

  • Training programme developed by CEAGA and faculty almost entirely made of active professionals from the Sector.
  • Execution of real product/process development projects proposed by companies of the Sector.
  • The “Management and Development of New Products” programme was awarded with the “Excellence in Practice Award” from the prestigious organization European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).
  • In 2017, the Program was readjusted and renamed Automotive Project Manager (PMA).
  • 156 innovation technicians from 49 companies trained.
  • 34 cooperative innovation projects developed.

Competitiveness observatory / Benchmanager Project

  • 16 editions.
  • 22 participating companies.
  • Comparison of the current situation and the evolution of the company with the rest of the Cluster members, to identify improvement areas.
  • Tool for monitoring the evolution of Sector competitiveness.
  • Interest from international clusters.
  • Complemented with visits to share good practices among participating companies

Team Leader Lean Development Programme 4.0

  • Project launched in 2015 to develop the Team Leader, key figure in the Lean deployment.
  • Methodology focused on obtaining continuous improvement tools and developing personal skills for their application.
  • The interaction with professionals from other companies and the visit to the car manufacturer contribute to reinforce motivation, global vision and sense of belonging of participants.
  • At the end of the training programme, professionals will have the skills required for managing, getting involved and motivating their team.
  • 17 groups in 15 editions. More than 190 professionals from 35 companies trained.

Automotive Pilot 4.0

  • 29 SMEs participating, wich are representative of the entire Galician automotive value chain.
  • Objective: to promote the transition of Galician automotive companies to the "Factory of the Future" through the investment in Industry 4.0 technologies and the dissemination of experiences and results among other companies in the Sector.
  • More than 7 million euros of total investment, with an average investment of 250,000 euros per company.
  • Investments cover a wide range of technologies: automation, machine to machine intercommunication, collaborative robotics, digitalization, sensor systems, Internet of Things, etc.

Events to present Galician suppliers

  • Project launched in 2015 with the aim of promoting the productive and technological capacities of CEAGA SMEs.
  • The project consists of putting big companies in contact with small ones, within the Cluster, to promote the intracluster commercial relations.
  • Three events organized in the plastics, metal and capital goods areas.
  • 48 different companies have participated in this initiative..
  • Possible organization of similar events in the future, focused on other areas like logistics.
Legal form of the cluster organisation
Languages spoken
English Spanish
Other label
Innovative Business Grouping (AEI)

Management team

Alberto Cominges
Cluster Manager
Patricia Solá
Internationalisation Responsible
Dr. Borja Dapena
Project Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Manufacturing:C29 Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers:C2910 Manufacture of motor vehicles - Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers:C2931 Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles - Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers:C2932 Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles
Cross-sectoral industries
Mobility Technologies
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Technology fields
B\: Performing operations; transporting:Vehicles in general
S3 EU priority areas
Digital transformation:Digitising Industry (Industry 4.0, smart and additive manufacturing)


Support services provided

Access to the European Internal Market
Internationalisation Support (access to third countries markets)
Access to finance: Public funding
Facilitation of collaboration between members (within the cluster)
Development of human resources, such as staff mobility, access to training

Support services for upskilling and reskilling of companies workforce

Competence development

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

  • Support programme to Innovative Business Groupings (at national level)

Project name

  • eBRIDGE “Empowering e-fleets for business and private purposes in cities”: funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) and operative since March 2013, this project aims to demonstrate that the introduction of electric vehicles in captive fleets for corporate and private usage in cities can help overcome barriers and efficiently contribute to improving market conditions for the electric mobility sector. CEAGA participates, together with 13 companies and institutions from 6 EU countries, in this project and its role is transferring electric vehicles to its member companies and monitoring their use. 
  • CO-GISTICS "Cooperative Logistics for sustainable mobility": 31 entities all over Europe collaborate with CEAGA in this project, co-funded under the CIP ICT PSP work programme 2013. The main objective is improving the efficiency of the goods transport in different areas, implementing the already existing technologies in the different pilot experiences simultaneously carried out in 6 European cities (Trieste, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Vigo, Thessaloniki and Frankfurt). 
  • AEOLIX (Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange):The AEOLIX project will develop a digital ecosystem to better manage, plan and synchronise freight and logistics operations across Europe. By enabling low complexity and low cost connectivity of local ICT platforms and systems and thereby scalable, trusted and secure exchange of information, AEOLIX will improve the overall competitiveness of goods transport in the supply chain, while simultaneously targeting sustainability from environmental, economic and social perspectives.
  • EACN (European Automotive Cluster Network for Joint Industrial Modernisation Investments): The European Automotive Cluster Network is an European project formed by nine clusters. The aim of the initiative is to strength Cluster-to-Cluster cooperation via a common collaboration strategy and joint cluster actions; boost competitiveness of cluster members, especially SMEs, via business creation, the initiation of collaborative research projects and of joint investments in industrial modernisation in the field of Industry of the Future; and build an strategic interregional collaboration and strong industry cooperation focused on four pillars: virtualisation for planning processes (simulation and modelling), elasticity of production processes in SMEs, robotics & artificial intelligence in production processes, skills and competences of people.
  • FIT4FoF (Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future): FIT4FoF project aims at addressing workers’ needs, analysing technology trends across 6 industrial areas of robotics, additive manufacturing, mechatronics/machine automation, data analytics, cybersecurity and human machine interaction, to define new job profiles, which will inform education and training requirements. Also, FIT4FoF will develop a new education and training framework, which places workers at the centre of a co-design and development process that recognises and addresses their skills needs. By applying educational approaches based on Communities of Practice, FIT4FoF will empower workers to be drivers of the design, development and delivery of their own upskilling programmes.
  • MOBAE (Cadena de Valor de la Movilidad Avanzada y Extendida en Galicia y Norte de Portugal): The MOBAE initiative arises to boost the high potential of the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion linked to mobility. Its aim is to contribute to the advanced mobility value chain, helping to boost emerging skills, support entrepreneurship and generate new business opportunities through hybridisation between the automotive, ICT, aerospace and hyperlongevity fields. The MOBAE project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020.

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries

United States

Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Support to collaborative activities/etc.

Connection to cluster organisation(s)

Profile name Location
UAC / Ukranian Automotive Cluster

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Latest news and documents

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CEAGA and 18 companies in the Sector promote five innovative projects that mobilize more than 1 million euros
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