The electric vehicle is going to revolutionise all our mobility. Concern for the environment and innovation in electric cars are driving interest in electric cars higher than ever. 

In fact, the advancement of batteries is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those related to Affordable and Clean Energy (No. 7) and Climate Action (No. 13). The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the energy storage capacity needed to meet these global targets needs to increase 50-fold by 2040. Not only to power cars, but also to store the electricity from renewable sources that powers industry, businesses and households.

Faced with this imminent energy demand, scientists are looking for alternatives to increase the lifetime and performance of batteries. In this respect, one of the technologies with the greatest potential is solid-state batteries: they ensure better energy density, longer life and, above all, greater safety, but they have not yet been developed on a large scale or at a competitive price. Another big bet is structural batteries, energy storage devices that can also bear weight as part of a structure. In other words, these types of batteries are integrated into the vehicle body itself, thus reducing weight and size.

What is certain is that advances in new battery materials and cell types open up a wide field for the development of new processes based on deep tech. Deep technologies have multiple applications throughout the battery production chain, from electrode production to module assembly. 

At secpho, we have created this Innovation Workshop to serve as a meeting point for the entire community related to these technologies, as a supplier or user. We will review the current challenges and dive into the future of electric batteries with a panel of interdisciplinary experts. The language of the webinar will be Spanish and it will be aimed at Technical Directors, R&D, Innovation or CEOs of companies in the sector.

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