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Sonia Monclús
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About us


Promote and enhance competitiveness of the cluster members within the Design Sector, articulating a trusted environment where they can collaboratively access to tools such as: access to knowledge and research, boost innovation projects, promote their activity –also at international level – and redefine their strategy.   


  • Design Positioning. Position brands in the design sector and creative industries.
  • Access to Knowledge. Provide knowledge about the latest trends, tools to generate new products and services through design, and connect brands with users.
  • Networking. Connect to a broad network of professionals and experts from companies in numerous sectors which include design within their business strategy, to generate synergies, create joint value and generate new opportunities.
  • Internationalization. Participate in international events which promote local creative talent worldwide.
  • Innovation. Boost collective innovation projects to facilitate access to companies, specially smes.
Established - 15 June 1973
Staff in the management team - 11-20

Cluster composition

  • 134
    Cluster Members
  • 108
  • 2
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 14
    Large Companies
  • 10
    Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
  • 2
    Other Ecosystem Actors

DESIGN FOR INNOVATION #innovation #europeanfundedproject #designpolicy

(https://www.interregeurope.eu/design4innovation/). (project extension /on-going).

A collaborative project with 7 other participating European regions: Wales (UK), Flanders (Belgium), Macedonia (Greece), Latvia, Malta, Silesia (Poland ) and Galicia, working together to promote design as a tool for user-centred innovation. The project aims to help small and medium enterprises create more desirable products and services, be more profitable and grow faster; ultimately  enhancing competitiveness of European SMEs.

After a process of interregional learning, knowledge exchange and identification of good practices for three years, on instruments to support design in the operational programs of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), at the beginning of 2020 a Design Action Plan for Catalonia was delivered to the European Commission, which includes a series of concrete actions to promote design as an engine for innovation, competitiveness and sustainable growth of the Catalan business fabric.

From this action plan, which can be consulted through of the link, in 2021 a monitoring work has been carried out, which will last until mid-2022, which aims to ensure that the measures proposed in this plan can become real instruments to support Catalan SMEs.

The project, started in 2017, corresponds to the "Action Plan for Design-Based Innovation" of the European Commission (2013), which recognizes design as an "accessible tool for user-centered innovation and driven by the market in all sectors of the economy. "

INSPIRED IN BARCELONA #internationalisation #digital

(website: https://www.inspiredinbarcelona.com).

A platform to bring prescribers and potential international buyers closer, and in general to audiences likely to consume local creativity. From the platform, we promote creative talent and design inspired in Barcelona (companies, professionals and inspiring projects linked to the creative industries) with an international scope. The platform is a pioneering virtual space in terms of the digitization of the international promotion of design in particular and of creative industries in general, an essential project today for the creative sector due to its multiplier effect and in line with the objectives of digital transformation to improve the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurs (Next Generation Europe).

In the medium term, the platform plans to include a space for the commercialization of creative production in the format of an innovative marketplace to facilitate the internationalization mainly of creators, small companies and the most emerging projects, building a reputation at international level and allowing them to open up to new audiences and markets.

ZINKCAT-MKT #digital #innovation

(website: https://www.zink.cat).

A project which seeks to develop a new protocol for designers and marketing agencies which allows them to establish the conceptual foundations to create a connected design and to improve the user experience. It is an innovation project which comes within the RIS3CAT Media Community, a grouping of companies and agents from the cultural and creative industries, and from Catalonia’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) system, the central challenge of which is to support growth and change in the Creative Industries.

DATEMATS #innovation #materials #europeanfundedproject

(website: https://www.datemats.eu).

A European knowledge transfer project for emerging materials, with the aim to develop and implement new training methods for design and engineering students, and to encourage the transfer of knowledge from research centres to companies and start-ups through workshops.

CIRCULAR DESIGN #innovation #circulareconomy #europeanfundedproject

(website: http://circulardesigneurope.eu).

A European project to promote sustainable production and consumption of products and services in Europe through design, as a enabler in developing innovative solutions to current challenges – approaches that must consider the needs of end users and integrate sustainability criteria in processes and strategies for creating products and services-.

INPREDI #innovation #circulareconomy #regionalfundedproject

(On-going). A local project based on the development of a cross-sector study for the introduction of recycled plastics through design, in collaboration with the company specialized in circular economy Oiko Design Office, member of the Design Cluster. The purpose of the project is to map the real needs and objectives of the market, taking into account the technical, aesthetic and regulatory conditions associated with each economic sector, as well as the requirements from design professionals. The main outcomes to reach through the project's tasks are technical and methodological tools, which will allow professionals (both manufacturers and designers) to introduce in an effective way recycled plastics as a substitute for other primary and higher-impact materials.

Legal form of the cluster organisation
Languages spoken
Catalan English German Spanish

Management team

Sonia Monclús
Cluster Manager

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Manufacturing:C11 Manufacture of beverages - Manufacturing:C31 Manufacture of furniture - Professional, scientific and technical activities:M74 Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Manufacture of food products:C1051 Operation of dairies and cheese making - Manufacture of food products:C1083 Processing of tea and coffee - Manufacture of beverages:C1105 Manufacture of beer - Manufacture of textiles:C1320 Weaving of textiles - Manufacture of textiles:C1393 Manufacture of carpets and rugs - Manufacture of textiles:C1396 Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles - Manufacture of wearing apparel:C1419 Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories - Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials:C1629 Manufacture of other products of wood - Manufacture of paper and paper products:C1729 Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard - Manufacture of rubber and plastic products:C2229 Manufacture of other plastic products - Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products:C2342 Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures - Manufacture of furniture:C3101 Manufacture of office and shop furniture - Manufacture of furniture:C3102 Manufacture of kitchen furniture - Manufacture of furniture:C3109 Manufacture of other furniture - Other manufacturing:C3299 Other manufacturing n.e.c. - Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles:G4615 Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery - Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles:G4673 Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment - Computer programming, consultancy and related activities:J6201 Computer programming activities - Scientific research and development:M7219 Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering - Other professional, scientific and technical activities:M7410 Specialised design activities - Education:P8541 Post-secondary non-tertiary education - Education:P8542 Tertiary education - Human health activities:Q8610 Hospital activities
Cross-sectoral industries
Digital Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Alliances:Low carbon industries Ecosystems:Creative & Cultural Industries
Technology fields
A\: Human necessities:Wearing apparel - A\: Human necessities:Furniture; domestic articles or appliances; coffee mills; spice mills; suction cleaners in general - B\: Performing operations; transporting:Decorative arts - F\: Mechanical engineering; lighting; heating; weapons; blasting:Lighting
S3 EU priority areas
Cultural & creative industries:Development of regional cultural & creative industries - Cultural & creative industries:Support to link cultural & creative industries with traditional industries - Digital transformation:Artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, augmented and virtual reality, visualisation, simulation, gamification & interaction technologies - Digital transformation:Big data, data mining, database management - Digital transformation:Digitising Industry (Industry 4.0, smart and additive manufacturing) - Digital transformation:Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks) - KETs:Advanced manufacturing systems - KETs:Advanced materials - KETs:Micro/Nano-electronics - KETs:Nanotechnology - Nature & biodiversity:Biodiversity - Public health & security:Ageing societies - Public health & security:Public health & well-being - Service innovation:New or improved service processes - Social innovation:New products or services that meet social needs - Social innovation:Social innovation with regard to education, skills & training - Social innovation:Social innovation with regard to environmental issues - Social innovation:Social innovation with regard to health, well-being & elder care - Sustainable innovation:Eco-innovations - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable production & consumption


Support services provided

Internationalisation Support (access to third countries markets)
Access to finance: Public funding
Facilitation of collaboration between members (within the cluster)
Support of Research, Development and Innovation

Support training services for cluster managers/policy makers

Provision and facilitation of access to training for members - Facilitation of collaboration between members (eg. joint training programs) - Promotion of activities (eg. job fairs and exhibitions) - Trend-scouting (latest trends on skills) - Support of knowledge sharing - Connecting to other organisations in the regional ecosystem

Upskilling and reskilling expertise

Internationalisation - Strategy development - IPR

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries

United Kingdom
United States
United Arab Emirates

Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites

Promotional Activities - Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

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