First ever Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies Roadmap published

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 21 July 2021

DG Research and Innovation (DG RTD) has released the first ever Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies Roadmap, illustrating the technological requirements and needs for the EU’s energy-driven industries in the coming decades.

Within this strategy, DG RTD has proposed a business case for a green, digitally-led, resilient industry, with research and innovation (R&I) as a key enabler.

They aim to work collaboratively with industry, countries across the EU, and other stakeholders to support industrial R&I, sharing a common vision.

This document is the first in a series of Common Industrial Technology Roadmaps.

R&I evidence and guidance are presented in the strategy, aiming to strengthen EU industrial ecosystems for energy-intensive industries. DG RTD hopes the publication will support the scope and development of potential industrial partnerships and projects that could prove vital for common European interest.

The strategy works alongside the EU Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas, which were developed in collaboration with industry through dedicated Horizon Europe Partnerships. Examples of this are presented, including the Clean Steel Partnership, Processes for Planet (P4P), and more.

The document was also developed in cooperation with the main EU and national programmes to support low-carbon technologies.

In addition, a renewed European Research Area (ERA) has been created to create a single, borderless market for R&I and technology across the EU. Through the ERA, DG RTD plan to strengthen the economic results of R&I and improve the competitiveness of European industry, including through the Common Industrial Technology Roadmaps.

Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, said: “Deploying breakthrough technologies across European industrial ecosystems is vital for a resilient, green, and digital industry. The updated Industrial Strategy brings Europe’s energy-intensive industries closer to an ambitious decarbonisation route, in partnership with industry, researchers, innovators, SMEs, and civil society.”

Download the Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies Roadmap here.

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