Based on the results of the individual SWOTs analysis carried out within the project, each country (Portugal, Spain, Denmark, and Bulgaria) will conduct local training sessions with their members, and especially with SMEs to build the capacities in those areas where members are lagging in terms of international competitiveness.

These sessions will also be a unique occasion to discuss with all target groups about the possible actions to be included in a Joint Internationalization Strategy (i.e. business missions, reverse missions, export consortia, ambassadors abroad, market studies, common branding, etc.). This activity follows a bottom-up approach when defining the tools to support the internationalization of the ESCP-4i and hence assures ownership by all target groups.

The current local event in Catalonia, which will be conducted in the local language (Catalan) includes 3 separate sessions.

The first one is on 23th November about Financial models for internationalization

The second one is on 25th November about Transparency & traceability

The third one is on 30th November about New business models with digital strategy

You can register via the following link: https://forms.gle/uToJ3tkzpyJAMBjx8

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