F2F Health Matters partnership organises on June 14th, at 16.00 CET, an event focused on healthy food & bio-sourced functional ingredients sectors. It aims to give an in-depth understanding of the Canadian market. It will give an overview of the market and its requirements, and the best strategy to help access this market.

Programme divided on two parts

Presentation I – Trade Relations between EU and Canada (CETA Agreement)

Presentation II – Opportunities and Challenges when approaching Canada

B2B meetings via B2match

After the webinar, join our matching and networking event on B2match platform. Book your slots (plenty of availability online) and connect with Vietnam businesses and other European companies!


Juliana Teixeira – Business Unit Manager, Market Access – Experts in International Business

Liliana Silva – International Business Consultant, Market Access – Experts in International Business

Dennis Platersma – Local partner of Market Access in Toronto

João Santos – Project Manager, InovCluster – Associação do Cluster Agroindustrial do Centro


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Location and date

Virtual Event