EXXTRA Closure event


The project "EXXTRA ESCP-4X" (EXcellence EXchange and Teaming-up between RAilway clusters and ecosystems) is closing its path in a few days, and the key learnings and outcomes will be shared in an event in Brussels, also available online.

For the Partners, EXXTRA has been a great platform for scale-up as individual clusters but mostly as group of (railway) clusters:

  • 2 COSME-funded spin-off projects (SMEs Internationalisation via Public Procurements; Adoption of Advanced Technologies by more traditional SMEs);
  • 1 new European meta-cluster with legal entity established: "ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative ASBL";
  • the will the play a leading role in scaling the Blockchain technology at EU level for the Railway & Multimodality Value Chain.



Welcome speech from Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking – the EU Research and Innovation Programme for the Railway sector | Carlo BORGHINI, Executive Director ERJU


Key achievements and lessons learnt by the EXXTRA project for Cluster Excellence, Added-value Cluster Services and ClusterXchange

(possibility Questions&Answers during the presentations)


How the “spin-offs” of EXXTRA are shaping the evolution of the Rail Value Chain in Europe: state of the art and future vision:

·      Presentation of the EU-funded project “S-ACCESS” and its contribution to the EU Industrial Strategy for Global Competitiveness and to the EU Trade Policy (SMEs Internationalisation through Public Procurements)

·      Presentation of the EU-funded project “STARS” and its contribution to the EU Industrial Strategy for Twin Transition and Resilience and to the EU Digital Strategy for Blockchain (Adoption of Advanced Technologies by SMEs)

·      Presentation of the brand-new legal entity “ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative ASBL” and its bottom-up contribution to the advancement of the Rail Supply Industry, with special focus on SMEs and integration of European territories

(possibility Questions&Answers during the presentations)


What the challenges ahead for the Railway sector in Europe: Open dialogue on Resilience of the Value Chains.

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