We are happy to invite you to EXPANDEO, our Annual Conference of EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies. EXPANDEO is the event where the European Earth Observation companies get the chance to learn about different market opportunities in different sectors while growing their business through networking and other interactive sessions. This year EXPANDEO will be virtual, and we have the great pleasure to host the very 1st FIRE FORUM!

FIRE FORUM will pinpoint current and future opportunities for EO uptake in six sectors (agriculture, energy (wind), infrastructure, marine, raw materials and urban development), and will evaluate the major weaknesses/challenges that act as blocking factors for the realization of such opportunities.


A great opportunity to discover new market trends by learning from powerful sector leads, better understand the needs of stakeholders from more than 8 different sectors, exchange with your colleagues, connect with EO influencers and EO Evangelists, meet new people and greet old friends. All these by attending EXPANDEO/FIRE FORUM 2021 from your comfy chair!


Different industries will be represented at EXPANDEO such as agriculture, marine, energy (wind), infrastructure, raw materials, urban development, artificial intelligence, insurance etc. 

Register today to get involved
Register today to get involved
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