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Summary and objectives

The overall objective of EXCITE is to strengthen cluster management excellence and facilitate exchanges and strategic partnering between cluster staff and cluster members and beyond, leveraging the ClusterXchange scheme. The consortium has decided to put skills, processes and services in focus that are related to digital transformation – both, in relation to the cluster organisation itself as well as to its members in order to be able to assist them to successfully access global markets. Strategically, all participating clusters claim Digital Industries as emerging industries within their sectoral and industrial focus. Thus, the acronym is not by chance – it stands for Exchange of Clusters using Digital Transformation for Excellence

Results expected

O1 - Implement a strategic review of EXCITE partners directed towards cluster management excellence and the alignment with S3 priorities, developing the required skills on cluster management level Clusters members of EXCITE consortium will review their internal strategies and bring them up to date to tackle the different challenges SMEs are currently facing facilitating the targeting of opportunities that come along with industrial change. EXCITE partnership aims to find alliances and synergies with regional programs and strategies, EU-wide initiatives in line with RIS3 program. The goal is to find complementarities to current activities of the different S3 Thematic platforms in industrial modernization (3DP, ESM) and the Vanguard Initiative. ➔ At least 12 cluster management staff will be trained, 6 cluster strategies will be reviewed and adapted

O2 – To promote hands-on cross-border collaboration towards excellence and growth by implementing the ClusterXchange scheme with at least 96 participants in exchanges. This objective is aimed at the clusters’ members to strengthen ties between European ecosystems across regional and sectoral silos with the view to support a sustainable inter-regional collaborating process and joint actions for strategic collaboration in various industrial specialization areas linked to industrial modernization and improving their business environment allowing access to knowledge through new cross-regional and cross sectorial activities. Specifically, EXCITE aims to enhance the collaboration, networking and learning of cluster organizations and their members towards the professionalization of specialized and customized business support services provided or channelled to SMEs. The benefits of this program implementation is the cross-cluster learning, refreshing ideas, and forging long term cooperation while facilitating to the members the access to learn and acquire the necessary skills and take actions to explore and take up new solutions. In addition, the ClusterXchange will be promoted to engage actors from regions with different levels of economic development and cluster organizations with distinct stages of development and experience. ➔ 96 planned exchanges within ClusterXchange scheme

O3 – Review and adaption of Service portfolio in particular with regard to digital transformation to growth opportunities. In order to reach cluster excellence, participating clusters’ staff needs a dedicated capacity-building (see also O1) that includes also cross-cluster learning in order to help their cluster organizations and their members to acquire the necessary skills and take actions to explore and take up new solutions. This will be addressed with dedicated training based on the business needs along the value chain that require SMEs and cluster managers to adapt to trends, challenges and opportunities that come along with industrial change. The final objective is to review, adapt and set up the adequate service portfolio in the level of individual clusters as well as on partnership level, backed by respective sustainable business models. ➔ At least 5 new services

O4 – Sustain the collaboration towards excellence of the partnership by developing a collaboration roadmap for the next years as the basis for a joint strategy. The partners from EXCITE partnership share the common vision on the need to foster cross-sectoral innovations and service development in the field of digitalization and the need for advanced manufacturing clusters to align with the technology users with user-oriented collaboration for developing those new enabling tools. ➔ Organising 20 joint cooperation activities

O5 - Skill development strategy and contribution to EU Pact for Skills As up- and reskilling is such an important topic, there is a separate objective foreseen covering this part, addressing needs and constraints not only of the cluster management staff, but on the level of the members. The respective activities are contribution to up- and reskilling plans in the framework of the EU Pact for skills as well as strategic interlinking with other projects and activities in this field ➔ At least 3 relevant links as well as strategic contributions to EU Pact for Skills

Sectorial and industrial focus

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Other service activities:S94 Activities of membership organisations
Cross-sectoral industries
Digital Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
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Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation against climate change
S3 EU priority areas
Digital transformation:Artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, augmented and virtual reality, visualisation, simulation, gamification & interaction technologies

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